18 May 2024

Monika and Saurabh successfully defended their MSc research work. Congratulations to both of them. 

15 May 2024

We are happy to welcome Chetan (MSc - IIT Delhi) as a SPARK fellow in our group

17 April 2024

Congratulations to Sumangla Arora for publishing a paper in Chemistry - An Asian Journal.

Read @ https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/asia.202400282

16 April 2024

Congratulations to Dr. Sumangla Arora for successfully defending her PhD thesis.

12 April 2024

Congratulations to Nikunj Kumar for publishing a paper in The Journal of Physical Chemistry A.

12 April 2024

Congratulations to Parveen Rawal for publishing a paper in Chemistry - A European Journal

Read @ https://chemistry-europe.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/epdf/10.1002/chem.202401050

29 February  2024

Congratulations to Sumangla Arora for submitting her PhD thesis. 

14 February  2024

Congratulations to Sumangla Arora for successfully defending her Pre-synopsis PhD seminar. 

12 February  2024

Congratulations to Nikunj Kumar for achieving a hat trick of publications in the journal ACS Catalysis

Read @https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acscatal.3c06007

15 January  2024

Congratulations to Parveen Rawal for publishing a paper in Chemistry - A European Journal

Read @ https://chemistry-europe.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/chem.202303371

13 January  2024

Congratulations to Nikunj Kumar for publishing his second paper in ACS Catalysis

Read @https://pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/acscatal.3c04953

09 January  2024

Congratulations to Nikunj Kumar for publishing a paper in Next Materials

Read @https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2949822824000157

03 January  2024

Congratulations to Sumangla Arora and Parveen Rawal for publishing a paper in Chemistry - A European Journal. The authors have shown the presence of a novel active site for aliphatic C-H hydroxylation in presence of a water molecule.  

Read @ https://chemistry-europe.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/chem.202303722

10 December  2023

Congratulations to Sumangla Arora for the Best Poster Award at Theoretical Chemistry Symposium 2023 at IIT Madras.

18 November 2023

Congratulations Shivangi for the best poster prize in the Indian Academy of Sciences Meeting and Lecture Workshop.  

04 November 2023

Chem-day Winners: Congratulations Nikunj for best poster prize and Abhiruchi for best oral talk prize. 

27 October 2023

Dr. Gupta delivered an invited talk on our metal-free boron catalysis at IIT Kanpur. 

24 October 2023

Congratulations Akhilesh for the Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF). The group is proud of you. 

20 October 2023

Dr. Gupta is recognized as the Outstanding and Emerging Young Researcher (2023) from Wiley-VCH.

09 October 2023

Congratulations to the group. Published our computational work under ACES (Asian Chemical Editorial Society) Talents from Wiley. 

09 October 2023

Congratulations Sumangla Arora for another Chemistry - An Asian Journal.


29 September 2023

Congratulations Nikunj for the paper in Molecular Catalysis .

07 September 2023

Congratulations Sumangla Arora for Chemistry - An Asian Journal.


05 August 2023

Congratulations Nikunj for his first paper in the journal  ACS Catalysis. 


26 June 2023

Congratulations to Shivangi Gupta for Chemistry - A European journal.


16 June 2023

Congratulations to Abhiruchi Sharma and Anson Thomas for their publication in Batteries and Supercaps! 


31 May 2023

Congratulations to the group: Dr. Puneet Gupta has been awarded the Outstanding Young Faculty Award 2023https://iitr.ac.in/Administration/Deans%20Structure/DOFA.html

22 May 2023

Congratulations to Parveen Rawal for his full paper on methane activation on boron oxide in presence of dioxygen published in ChemCatChem. https://doi.org/10.1002/cctc.202300364

22 February 2023

Akhilesh published his research  work in New J. Chem. Best wishes for his future endeavors!

20 December 2022

Congratulations !!! Anson for publishing his research in  Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.  

5 November 2022

Congratulations !!! Parveen for winning the best Oral presentation and Nikunj for best Poster presentation at ChemDay 2022, Department of Chemistry, IIT Roorkee.

1  November 2022  

Congratulations!!!  Nikunj and Shivangi successfully upgraded from JRF to SRF.

October 2022  

Anson is selected for the prestigious Prime minister fellowship (PMRF) for continuing his PhD in the group.

October 2022


Sumangla and Praveen for successfully defended their annual reports in front of SRC Members.

July-August 2022  

Welcome New PhD Students

Anson (MSc from IIT Roorkee), Akhilesh (MSc from IIT Mandi) and Shweta (MSc from IIT Gandhinagar) joined the group as PhD students.

27 June 2022         

Nikunj's drawing accepted as the CoverArt in EJIC (Wiley). 

23 June 2022         

Nikunj just published research in the journal Nanoscale (RSC, I.F. 7.7) . Congratulations. 


A hat-trick of prizes by CCC Group in INYAS International Sci-Art Image Competition (2022)

1st Prize :  Parveen Rawal

A Beautiful Butterfly: Transition from Methane to Formaldehyde


2nd Prize : Sumangla Arora

Bullseye! The Biomimetic-M2O2 C-H Activation

2nd Prize :   Nikunj Kumar

Intriguing Cosmos of molecular exclusivity in C–C coupling

Message from the Dean SRIC

03 May  2022

Thanks! Prof. Vera Krewald ( Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany ) for her incredibly interesting talk on  Electronic Structure Analysis of Complexes for Oxygen and Nitrogen Activation.

30 March 2022

Prof. Corinna R. Hess (Technical University of Munich, Germany ) delivered her talk on  Electro- and photocatalysis by the family of Metal-Mabiq complexes.                                      

Thanks for connecting with us! 

29 March 2022  

Shivangi successfully defended her comprehensive research proposal to committee members

26 March 2022

Congratulations Nikunj for winning the best oral presentation and award for Nature indexed journal publication at ChemDay 2022, Department of Chemistry, IIT Roorkee

24 March 2022

Congratulations Sumangla for your papers in Catalysis Today and European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. 

16 March 2022

Congratulations Parveen for your paper in Dalton Trans. 

10 March 2022

Thank you Prof. Clemence Corminboeuf (Laboratory for Computational Molecular Design, EPFL) for giving a talk on Data-driven approaches to homogeneous catalysis.  

15 February 2022 

Nikunj successfully defended his comprehensive research proposal to SRC. 

15 February 2022

 Puneet's book chapter on theoretical studies of Cu/O2 chemistry is just accepted !!!!!!

Executive Editor of RSC journals ChemComm and ChemSocRev.

Director IIT Roorkee

12 January 2022

Congratulations to Praveen for his paper in Chemistry - An Asian Journal (wiley). Praveen presented three mechanisms for a Zn catalyzed reaction and proved that Zn-H does  not form. A long discussion with reviewer is finally closed.  

Thanks Dr Kumar Vanka (NCL, Pune) 

10 January 2022

Praveen published a paper in Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry (RSC). Praveen showed the dual role of boron in Pd catalyzed reaction. HBpin's approach to metal is very important. A very nice and detailed work. 

7 January 2022

Congratulations to Shivangi for her paper in Chemistry Select (wiley) on Ionic Liquid based catalysis. Shivangi showed that Ionic liquid can catalyze a reaction too. So, one does not need a solvent as well as a catalyst. Ionic Liquid can do both the tasks. 

4 January 2022

Nikunj has won the best poster award sponsored by the Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (RSC) journal in Theoretical Chemistry Symposium 2021. Congratulations Nikunj!

Puneet gave an invited talk in Theoretical Chemistry Symposium 2021

2 January 2022

Cover art made by Nikunj has been featured as Front-Cover Image of the ChemComm (RSC) Issue. Congratulations Nikunj!


Sumangla’s excellent scientific drawing was appreciated by the Indian National Young Academy of Sciences (INYAS). Congratulations Sumangla!

Message from the Dean


Cover art made by Parveen Rawal has been featured as Back Cover Image of the Inorganic Chemistry Frontier Issue. Congratulations Parveen for the Paper. Praveen did extensive QRO Analysis to understand the insights of the In-catalyzed reaction. 


Parveen Rawal (sponsored by Applied Materials and Interfaces) and Sumangla Arora (sponsored by Inorganic Chemistry) has won best oral presentation award on ChemDay2020.  Congratulations Parveen and Sumangla!

Both from American Chemical Society (ACS) 

Puneet gave an Invited talk at IIT Delhi (2019)